Floppy disks images

ENEMY is available to download as a floppy disk image (ADF file). Each version consists of two disks, which means that two files have to be downloaded respectively.


Enemy 1, newest Version (Easyplay version, from 2011)

This is the optimised version of ENEMY. The levels have been remastered. The player occasionally has more time, more ammunition, more power, and more savers. Some bugs have been removed. The in-game texts have been revised.

   ENEMY: Tempest Of Violence - EASYPLAY (english) - Disk A
   ENEMY: Tempest Of Violence - EASYPLAY (english) - Disk B

Also available as german version.


Original version (from 1997)

No longer available. This version contains bugs and some levels are almost unplayable. Do not use this version, but the optimized Easyplay version.



The manual is available in PDF format. It describes the gameplay and explains the controls.

   ENEMY: Tempest Of Violence - Manual

Also available in German.


Original Soundtrack

The game music in MP3 format.

ENEMY Soundtrack MP3



ENEMY is freeware. You can download and play it for free. For-profit or commercial distribution is not allowed.