Floppy disk images

ENEMY 2 is available to download as a floppy disk image (ADF file). Each version consists of two disks, which means that two files have to be downloaded respectively.


Enemy 2 - OPTIMIZED VERSION 2.0  (2022)

This is the optimised version of ENEMY 2. The levels were balanced (time / ammo / power / AI). Faulty rooms were corrected and some sections were redesigned. The bonus level is now integrated into the main game. Known bugs have been fixed. The panel has been optimized. In addition, the texts in the game have been revised.

   ENEMY 2: Missing In Action - V2.0 - Disk A
   ENEMY 2: Missing In Action - V2.0 - Disk B

Also available in German.


Enemy 2 - ORIGINAL VERSION  (2013)

No longer available. This version contains bugs and the difficulty level is not balanced. Do not play this version, but the optimized version 2.0.



Currently no download. The control is identical to the predecessor - see here.



ENEMY 2 is freeware. You can download and play it for free. For-profit or commercial distribution is not allowed.