Enemy - tempest of violence

After the discovery of three strange objects near Mars in the year 2031, a research mission is launched. Two hundred scientists step aboard the strange, seemingly unmanned spaceships. But these turn out to be a deadly trap: The crew is ambushed in a merciless attack by reptilian creatures. Only one of the security squadrons manages to survive. It is up to these six soldiers now to execute the large scale rescue mission on their own. Not only are these humans outnumbered by a merciless superpower. Along the way, quite a few surprising turns and revelations await them as well. Hardly anything is what it seems to be...

The Sci-Fi Adventure was published in 1997. The game was designed to run on all Amiga computers. The hardware requirements were kept as low as possible. However, a lot could be done with 7MHz and 1MB RAM. This is proven by Enemy:


  • A gripping story full of surprises, spread across 34 tough levels
  • Many different ways of moving around and interacting (controlled via a joystick)
  • Different weapons and other useful items
  • Clear graphics, great details, and realistic shadows
  • Music that fits the action and process of the game
  • Helpful guide system and replay feature
  • Simultaneous 2-player mode (shared screen)


By now, this game has been turned into freeware. The German as well as the English version are available as a download, including the manual. It is worth reading this manual, but it's not necessary. For those of you who are impatient and eager to start, there's a quick guide to get you going. We hope you have a lot of fun with "Enemy: Tempest Of Violence"!