ENEMY 2 was designed for the Commodore AMIGA computer. You can play it on native hardware or with an emulator on other systems, like Windows.



The game runs on every Amiga computer with at least 1 MB of RAM. A second floppy disk drive and hard disk drive installation are supported. To play ENEMY on a Amiga computer you have to write back the ADF-Files to floppy disks.



We recommend the emulator UAE. This is available for most systems, including Windows (WinUAE). WinUAE is freely available, but not quite self-explanatory in its configuration. Therefore here is a configuration file compatible to ENEMY:

→ WinUAE configuration file

In the emulator you need to select a ROM file (Hardware / ROM) and the floppy disc images (Hardware / Floppy drives). Also set the playback to fullscreen (Host / Display) and customize the control (Host / Game ports) as you prefer.


Note on the ROM

The ROM file ( "Kickstart") is subject to the applicable copyright laws and is therefore not freely available. For example, it can be purchased with the emulator Amiga Forever.