ENEMY 2 was designed for the Commodore AMIGA. You can play it on a real AMIGA or with an emulator for example under Windows.



The game requires 1 MB of RAM. If necessary the CPU caches and the AGA chipset must be deactivated. A second floppy disk drive and hard drive installation are supported.

To play ENEMY 2 on a real AMIGA you have to write back the ADF-Files to floppy disks. To do this, you have to transfer the ADF-Files to the AMIGA (for example with a nullmodem cable or over the internet) and from there write them to floppy disk (for example with the free program ADF-Blitzer).



The most popular emulator is certainly UAE. It is available for almost all systems - of course also for Windows (WinUAE). WinUAE is freely available but not quite self-explanatory in its configuration. Therefore there is a configuration file compatible for ENEMY 2:

→ WinUAE configuration file

All you have to do is select a ROM file (Hardware / ROM) and the floppy disc images (Hardware / Floppy drives). If necessary you should set the playback to fullscreen (Host / Display) and customize the control (Host / Game ports).



The ROM file ( "Kickstart") is subject to the applicable copyright laws and is therefore not freely available. You can grab it from your AMIGA or buy it with the emulator Amiga Forever.